Commissioned Research

Commissioned Research

What is commissioned research in the Criminal Justice System?

Our research enables professionals to approach issues pertaining to the Criminal Justice System with an informed understanding, facilitating evidence-based action to prevent injustice within every aspect of the Criminal Justice System. Our research empowers victim care and provides a comprehensive understanding of the United Kingdom’s efforts to combat modern slavery.

Black Box’s research serves as a vital tool in the fight against deviance and crimes such as Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), illicit drug use and supply, youth violence and crimes often found in cases of modern slavery (forced labour, criminal exploitation/County Lines), as it provides a more detailed and nuanced understanding of these issues. By developing further evidence and support, we aim to create actionable change to address the broader issues within the Criminal Justice system, allowing us to make a wider impact as a nation.

Commissioned Research Black Box

What our commissioned research in the Criminal Justice System provides

The Black Box team have been actively engaged in research on gangs, illicit drug markets and modern slavery within the UK and internationally. We are proud to say that this research has contributed to a more comprehensive understanding of the nature and characteristics of modern slavery and its impact across the world.

As a result of their extensive research, Grace and her team of experienced academic professionals have been commissioned to use their knowledge to help ensure justice for victims and survivors of modern slavery.

Our team regularly produce articles and reports on a range of issues including, but not limited to, national and international exploitation and slavery, illicit drug networks, penal reform and (youth) violence using empirical research and mixed methods approaches. All of our research is conducted in accordance with strict ethical guidelines in collaboration with academia, industry and business.

Black Box commissioned research covered

Our Black Box team of researchers work with clients to create targeted and detailed reports using the latest research and data analytical methods for:

  • Small research projects
  • Wider research theses
  • Literature reviews
  • Data analysis
  • Project evaluations