Education and Youth Engagement Programme 

Education and Youth Engagement Programme 

What is the aim of our education programme?

Our vision is twofold; as a company, we are striving to support victims and survivors of modern slavery, and those who have been let down by the Criminal Justice System. Our aim is to educate young people and their peers about the signs and realities of modern slavery in the United Kingdom. This programme will enhance our ability to recognise and prevent modern slavery, allowing young people to seek our help and support with the confidence that they will be safe.

Education and Youth Engagement

What to expect from our school programme

Black Box employs a team of Experts who collaborate with schools across the UK to provide teacher training and student sessions on issues such as youth crime and violence, anti-social behaviour, illicit-drug markets, modern slavery and the Criminal Justice System.

The Youth Education Programme at Black Box is designed to provide both teachers and students with the knowledge and skills needed to identify potential risks, including those relating to coercion and exploitation by criminal networks. The programme aims to ensure that all participants understand the nature of coercion and the factors that may make some individuals more vulnerable to being targeted.

Why our youth education programme is so important within the education system

According to data compiled by Anti-Slavery International, an estimated 5,468 children in the UK were potentially subjected to modern slavery as of the end of 2021. These figures are based on reports of exploitation received through outreach efforts or through encounters with the Criminal Justice System. It is worth noting that the actual number of children affected by modern slavery in the UK is likely to be much higher, as this data only reflects the cases that have been brought to the attention of authorities or organisations working to address the issue.

It is crucial that teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify and report instances of abuse, as they increasingly take on the responsibility for safeguarding their students. To support this effort, our organisation provides comprehensive training on the risk factors for exploitation, cuckooing and drug trafficking. By debunking common myths about young people, violence and exploitation, we aim to protect individuals from being coerced into involvement in gang-related violence. Our services are therefore of great importance in addressing these pressing issues.