Expert Witnesses

Expert Witnesses

What is an Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness is somebody with knowledge and experience of a specific field of study beyond that to be expected of a layman. Expert Witnesses offer independent and expert opinion based on the information provided to them, which can be used in courts, tribunals, arbitrations and litigation.

Instructions are provided by legal teams about a specific case, to which an Expert Witness evaluates the evidence and provides an opinion both through preparing in-depth reports and giving oral evidence. Their findings will then provide court officials and members of the Jury with the information necessary to make an informed decision on the outcome of the case.

Expert Witnesses

Black Box Expert Witness Services

Without the instruction of an expert, particularly in complex cases (e.g. cases that involve scientific, technical or specialised knowledge), it is likely that children and vulnerable adults will not have access to a fair trial, thus risking a miscarriage of justice and an unsafe prosecution.

Our Expert Witness service has assisted in promoting justice in over 250 cases over the last three years.

Our Experts specialise in the illicit-drugs economy (trafficking and importation, drug pricing and valuations, drug network structures and hierarchies) and modern slavery (forced labour, criminal exploitation and County Lines).

Our experts have given evidence in a wide variety of modern slavery cases. Alongside British defendants, we have also assisted on a number of foreign national cases, including Albanian, Romanian and Vietnamese nationals, which have led to acquittals prior to or at trial.

As well as the Criminal Courts, we have also prepared reports for First-Tier Tribunals (Immigration and Asylum cases).

What is a Pre-Sentence Report (PSR)?

A pre-sentence report is an investigative report, produced as a legal document which is developed to showcase an expert’s findings on a person who is convicted of a crime before the sentence is decided. It will take into consideration the person’s social background and offending history before providing the courts with recommendations on a range of appropriate sentences and their likely impact.

Our leading experts have over ten years of experience in compiling pre-sentence reports. We complete some of the most comprehensive recognised pre-sentence reports in the UK’s Criminal Justice System.