Stephen Garland, Solicitor, EBR Attridge Solicitors

Having instructed Dr Robinson in a variety of cases, I appreciate the empathy she shows to the most vulnerable of individuals unfortunate enough to face prosecution when they themselves may be victims of serious criminality. Her reports are concisely written, realistic and her conclusions backed by detailed research and evidence. Outcomes include a suspended sentence in a Class A drugs supply case and the Crown offering no evidence against in a County Lines case.

EBR Attridge solicitors

Kannan Siva, Barrister, Albion Chambers, Bristol

Dr Grace Robinson was instructed by me in a serious case where I led the defence of a young man, who allegedly harboured a teenager. The Defendant was a drug addict, who himself had been exploited and “cuckooed”. Dr Robinson was professional and pro-active throughout. She attended the lay client remotely and prepared a comprehensive and balanced report in a timely fashion, setting out the hierarchy in county lines operations and the Defendant’s likely position. The analytical and evidence-based expert report was excellent and persuaded the Prosecution to abandon the modern slavery allegation in the interests of justice. I fully recommend Dr Grace Robinson without reservation.

Emily Russell, Safeguarding Lead, Housing 21

Grace is an exceptional trainer, with being an expert witness in her field, when delivering training and awareness to the organisation Grace always delivers training in a client-centred and professional way. Her passion for the subject shines through which makes the content so much more engaging. The compliments received on the training we had in 2021 were extremely positive and we have asked Grace to deliver some further sessions this year in 2023. The explanations Grace provides with experts by experience is by far one of the best sessions we have had by an external professional.

Joe Russo, Founder & Director, Project Connect  

Having worked with universities and researchers in the past, Black Box provides a uniqueness because of their ability to connect with professionals and people going through the Criminal Justice System. Their specialist approach to evaluation and research is strengthened because of their wide range of expertise and their direct understanding and knowledge of issues relating to County Lines, exploitation and vulnerability. 

Project Connect

Paul Walmsley, Director Lewis Dunne Foundation

‘During a three-year period, Dr. Robinson helped me to understand the lives of vulnerable and at-risk children and their families. Her research methods and empathetic approach guided my intervention processes. This then impacted on the responses, firstly as an intervention coach and then as a conduit, to inform local authorities of the difficulties these young people face. Working with gang-related issues, drug misuse, violent behaviour, historic family issues, community anti-social behaviour and county lines, Dr. Robinson was a huge component in my processes.’

Lewis Dunne Foundation

Ben Lindsay, CEO Power The Fight

‘Dr. Grace Robinson delivered County Lines training for Power The Fight and is a frequent contributor to the charity. Her expertise, delivery skills and ability to connect with a variety of people make her a pleasure to work with.’

Power The Fight