Youth In Justice C.I.C.

Youth In Justice C.I.C.

What is Youth In Justice?

Youth In Justice is a new non-profit Community Interest Company on a mission to change lives.

Headed by our Executive Director, Daniel Robinson, and including a team of Black Box experts and young people with experience in County Lines drug supply, Youth In Justice will support children and vulnerable adults affected by modern slavery, including survivors of criminal exploitation and County Lines.

Its aim is to provide children and vulnerable adults affected by criminal exploitation a support network to come together and share their experiences.

Youth In Justice offers three components to supporting victims and survivors of modern slavery:

  1. Peer support groups
  2. Trauma-informed therapy
  3. The Spirit Programme


Email Daniel or click the link below for more information

Youth Injustice
Youth Injustice

Peer Support Groups

Our anonymous online peer support groups provide a safe space for individuals to talk to others who share similar experiences.

They will have the opportunity to share their experiences with others who understand and relate to what they have been through. The group will offer a sense of belonging and community, which is crucial in the process of healing and moving forwards.

At Youth in Justice, we believe that no one should have to go through trauma alone. That’s why our online peer support groups are an essential part of our mission to empower young victims and survivors of criminal exploitation to heal, connect and thrive.


Trauma-Informed Therapy

Our trauma-informed therapy service offers individual therapy to children and adults who are vulnerable, have been through trauma, or suffer from complex PTSD. Our therapists have a lot of experience dealing with the long-term effects of trauma on mental health, and helping trauma survivors feel more in charge and in control of their lives. Our therapy sessions are made to fit the needs of each person, with an emphasis on building the resilience and confidence to deal with problems.

At Youth in Justice, we recognise the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for individuals to heal and grow. Our trauma-informed therapy service is an important part of our mission to give survivors of exploitation more power and help them to recover from their experiences.

Youth in Justice
Youth in Justice

The Spirit Programme

The Spirit Programme is designed to help with employment, educational goals and to encourage new and existing interests and hobbies. We think that everyone, no matter where they come from or what they’ve done, should be able to follow their passions and reach their goals.

The Spirit Programme includes customised support and assistance on an as-needed basis to help survivors of exploitation achieve their personal goals. Whether it be assistance in finding employment, funding and guidance for setting up a small business, confidence coaching, or help getting started with a desired hobby.